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Kerry Moorse , founder of Funnel Sketchers

What's the difference between the portal and the app, I have two links?

April 26, 20241 min read

Let's make life simple!

There are two links you may have received when signing up to join us.

Account. You have access to your account in Funnel Sketchers.


LEARN HUB. A portal where all of your roadmap videos live. These are our how-to project series videos, which teach you to create funnels and systems for your business in your Funnel Sketchers Account)


If you just want to use one link, just log into your ACCOUNT on
And scroll down in your menu bar (left-hand-side purple menu bar) to your Learn Hub. You can watch it all in there!


Lot's of our fabulous members like to watch the hub videos on a phone or tablet, whilst they work in their account on their Desktop.

If using a phone/tablet, the PORTAL is easier to navigate and faster to load to watch the videos on.

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