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Buying a professional email address

May 12, 20244 min read

I have my domain! Do I need a professional email address?


If you are looking for these few key words to be associated with your business:
Professional. Credibility. Brand awareness. Trust. Legitimate.
Then I recommend having a professional email address!

Once you have a domain, we actually set you up with a marketing email address in Funnel Sketchers. Funnel Sketchers acts like an inbox, and you cannot 'duplicate' this inbox elsewhere (your emails would get confused about where to go!)

However you probably want a 'main' correspondance email too for your general communications.

There are two scenarios here:

1. You used a sub-domain to create your marketing email address.

For example,

my root/main domain =,

my sub-domain connected up is

You are able to buy inboxes online for your 'root/main' domain.

2. You used a root/main domain for sending emails in Funnel Sketchers

I recommend using another similar domain for getting aprofessional email, OR changing your Funnel Sketchers email send domain to a 'sub-domain' so you can buy emails on your main domain name,

How to Get a Professional Email Address for Your New Business

Having a professional email address establishes credibility and imporves your email deliverability.

 A professional email typically includes your business's domain name and looks like instead of the more generic or

 Here’s a quick guide on how to obtain a professional email address for your new business.

1. Register a Domain Name

The first step to creating a professional email is to register a domain name, which will be part of your email address (e.g.,

Choose a domain name that reflects your business name and is easy to remember.
You can use your website or funnel domain name if you already own it!

Where to register a domain name?

In a place called a 'Domain Registrar'
My favourites are:
GoDaddy and Ionus, but there are lots and lots out there and they are all very similar in my opinion. E.g. 123 reg, google domains, namecheap etc

2. Choose an Email Hosting Provider
Once you have your domain, you need an email hosting service to handle your email accounts. 

Some popular options include:


This is where you can buy an inbox usually with your domain registar. They start from £1.25 per month depending on your registrar.

If you have a website, some hosts such as Bluehost and Hostgator often include free emails - so make sure to check that! 

Providers typically offer webmail access through platforms like RoundCube or SquirrelMail, where you can log in directly via your browser.
I connect mine to my free gmail account so it all comes into one place, and I can email from there using my professional email too!

It's a good option for:

- Cost-effectiveness: Bundling web and email hosting can reduce your overall expenses.
- Simplicity: Managing both your website and email through one provider simplifies administration.
- Support: Integrated support for both your hosting and email needs can help resolve issues faster.

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Cost: Starts at about £5 per user per month.
Benefits: Integrates seamlessly with other Google services like Google Drive and Google Calendar.
Setup: Fairly straightforward, with Google providing detailed guidance. 

Microsoft 365

Cost: Starts at about $6 per user per month for the basic plan.
Benefits: Includes Microsoft Office apps and strong integration with Windows environments.
Setup: Similar to Google Workspace, with comprehensive support available.

Zoho Mail

Cost: Offers a free plan for up to five users; higher plans start at $1 per user per month.
Benefits: Cost-effective and includes additional business tools.
Setup: User-friendly interface and easy setup.


3. Set Up Your Email Account

Web mail

The set up is usually done for you straight away, and you just need to choose the email prefix ('prefix'
The set up would be to connect the webmail to your current email inbox e.g. Gmail account.

Google / Microsoft/Zoho:
This will involve configuring MX records to direct your domain’s email to your chosen provider.
Then creating individual email accounts (e.g.,,

Setting up a professional email address is an great step for any new business looking to build trust and communicate effectively with clients.

You can establish a professional email presence that enhances your brand trust and supports your business communications

If you get stuck, you know where we are!
In your corner,

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