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How To Access My Learning Area

April 19, 20242 min read

Logged in...
Woah, where are the videos?

Once you have logged into the portal, it can feel a little bit... like A LOT.

This platform has many many features. But we are not here to use them all. We want to just use what we need for your business.

The first thing I recommend doing is checking out your GET STARTED page.
This will give you a really good overview of the platform and your bonuses.

Finding get started page in Funnel Sketchers

On this page you can click the button 'Start the lead magnet course' to get to your courses.
A faster way to get straight there is on the menu item called Learn Hub

Both options will take you to this page.

Where to find the Learn hub tab in Funnel Sketchers

If you are not logged in straight away,

FIRST - try loggining in with your Funnel Sketchers account details - the same ones you use to log into the Funnel Sketchers Platform.

If this does not log you in, it is because you will need to create your account.

Here is how:

Use the SAME email and password you use to log into Funnel Sketchers to make your account.

  1. Click on the blue text that says 'sign up'

  2. Type in your name, email address and password. Use the same ones that you use for Funnel Sketchers.

  3. You will be sent a security code to your inbox. Please check your spam/junk mail if you do not see this.

  4. Add your security code to the number boxes, and click 'Verify Secure Code'

  5. Any roadmap courses you currently have access to will appear here.

How to make an account in Funnel Sketchers Laerning hub

Argh kerry - I got this far but there are no courses showing?

Don't worry! The system just hasn't caught up yet.

Click on the grid tab on the right hand side. See the image below.
Then click 'courses'. This will refresh your page.

Image of Grid button to click to find courses

Gif showing how to refresh your  courses in funnel sketchers

Still not working?

Pop us an email and we will make sure you have access!

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