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Can't connect Instagram?

May 06, 20242 min read

Starting to social... but it won't connect....

In the world of social media, we are what we call a 'third party scheduler'.

That means you can log into Funnel Sketchers, upload your posts, and it will whizz them off to yout socials for you. - I love it because avoiding the doom scroll makes me WAY more productive.

However there are rules, and we can only connect to business accounts when dealing with Meta (Facebook and Instagram)

Facebook = business pages
IG = Must be a Business or Creator profile

First. Confirm that you have an Admin or Editor Page role for the Facebook Page if it's a Classic Page type or Facebook access with full or partial control on a New Page type.

See the Facebook help article. How do I see what my role is on a Facebook Page?

If the Page is an asset in Facebook Business Manager, you also need management access to the Page in the Business Manager account.

See the Facebook help article Add People to Your Business Manager.

If your Instagram isn't connecting, it might not be connected to your Facebook page.

Second. Check your IG account is a business or creator profile.

Here is how to connect your Instagram business profile with your Facebook account. 

I like to social on my phone, so here are the instructions to connect the accounts on your phone whilst reading this :)

  • Open your Facebook account.

phone screen

  • On the home page, click "your profile icon," located on the top right side of the screen button

phone screen shot

  • scroll to pages and select that option

screen shot

  • Select your chosen Facebook page

    screen shot

  • It will ask you to 'switch' to your profile page. Select this option

screen shot

  • Choose the graph icon at in the top menu to be taken to your dashboard. Then click on the gear setting icon

screen shot

  • Choose the 'linked accounts' option

  • Choose the Instagram option

screen shot
  • Choose the blue button 'connect your account' and sign into your Instagram

screen shot

Voila! You have connected your IG account to your Facebook page. Now you can connect Facebook to your Funnel Sketchers account.

If the above is all set, please follow our Social Media Roadmap to connect your IG and Facebook Accounts

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