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Connecting domains: Wix and squarespace

May 16, 20243 min read

My website is with Wix / Squarespace. Can I use this domain with FS for my pages and emails?

Wix and Squarespace are FAB website builders for small businesses.
Buuuuut, they do not have full DNS settings allowance.

In some scenarios, this means you would need a seperate domain for Funnel Sketchers. Let's take a look at why and if this applied to you!

1. What does that mean?? Stop the tech talk!
Alrighty, so this part is a bit techy, I will explain as best as I can.

Funnel Sketchers is like an inbox.

We connect something called 'MX' records to your domain so an inbox can work
(These are needed for Funnel Sketchers so it can send and recieve emails like your newsletters).

Many people already have an inbox, or want one in the future, with their domain.
E,g. Susanne with the flower show has a wix site called '' and owns the inbox

This means those MX records that Funnel Sketchers needs are used up already. They can only go to one place, and if we change them Susannes current inbox will stop working. - ARGH!

How we sort this:

Here at Funnel Sketchers, this is one of the reasons we use either a completely fresh domain name with no iboxes for our clients, OR we connect a SUB-DOMAIN for being able to send marketing emails. (There are other reasons too).

A sub-domain is the same as a domain, but we add a word infront to make it seperate'.

E,g. Susanne would have:
Website: ''
Her usual inbox
Her F.S email address:

In the above case her sub-domain is

Most hosts allow you to add MX records on sub-domains in your settings.

The problem?

IF Wix or Squarespace manage your DNS settings (which means 'settings for your domain goes') then they do not allow you to make MX records for sub-domains.

2. Does this apply to me?

It is all about where your DNS settings 'live'.

There are two ways to connect a domain to Wix or Squarespace.

1. Nameservers (Using this means your DNS settings move to your host aka Wix or Squarespace. This means no email sub-domain sorry!)

2. Pointing (This means your DNS settings live with your registrar - the place you pruchased the domain, so you can connect a subdomain to Funnel Sketchers!)

But I don't know which I use?

Let's check!

First head to this website:
And type your domain name into the search bar

Domain name - no need to add a 'www.' or 'https://' just the plain domain, e.g.

Search bar: It is the top one - there looks like there are two!

Whois screenshot

Next you will see some information about your domain. You are looking for the name servers as these tell us where the DNS settings are.



If these name servers say 'wix' or 'squarespace' in, that means your settings are in Wix or Squarespace.

My namesevers do not have Wix or Squarespace in!
Great - then chances are you connected your website using an 'A record'. This means you can likely create a sub-domain in your registrar - you can always ask us to check!

My Nameservers contain Wix or squarespace.
In this case, you are notable to connect a sub-domain to Funnel Sketchers, and we recommend buying a new domain.

If you get stuck, you know where we are!
In your corner,

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